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Sibling Strong

Better together!

For some of the children served by Sibling Strong, camp is the only time they see their siblings during the year. For others, visits occur only occasionally or in a formal, institutional setting. Sibling Strong provides crucial bonding time together for these separated brothers and sisters.


While our summer camp is our largest sibling reunification event, we are creating a year-round program of activities geared toward serving hundreds more youth at smaller sibling gatherings across the state. We're calling them "Siblings Strong" events.

Recent events have included Christmas parties, bowling, swimming, a trip to Silverwood theme park and movie nights. Like camp, these events are free and the focus is on giving siblings informal, quality time together to laugh, heal, enjoy each other's company and strengthen their relationship.

Check on upcoming events by clicking the button below for our upcoming events.

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program

Former CTB WA campers 16-18 who demonstate leadership skills, responsibility and maturity can be nominated to become Counselors-in-Training (CITs) for upcoming camps. Nominations can be made by staff members, counselors and fellow campers. Two outside references, one from the school the camper attends and another from an unrelated adult, also are required.

CITs must have:  

  • Demonstrated leadership ability among his or her peers.

  • An “other-centered" perspective.

  • An ability to learn and follow instructions and procedures.

  • An aptitude for working as part of a team.  

CITs remain in contact with our CIT coordinator during the year. At camp, they have an opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and receive mentoring by experienced staff members enjoying camp.  

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