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Fall Family Fun at Maris Farms


Brothers and sisters who often do not get to see each other were able to spend three fun hours together in October at a pumpkin patch Maris Farms, brought together by Sibling Strong to enjoy the Fall season with each other.


On a beautiful Fall Saturday, Sibling Strong reconnected sixteen brothers and sisters for a three-hour pumpkin patch event at Maris Farms in Buckley.

This is the second year for the event as Sibling Strong grows from the one-week Camp To Belong in June to half-day and full-day events across the state. Siblings separated due to living in different foster, relative and adoptive homes come together for these new events.

“This is one of my favorite events,” said three-year camp counselor Brittany Clyde, camp name Twister, who helped oversee the event for this second year. “We all had so much fun."

As with Camp To Belong, happy memories are created both for the separated siblings and the counselors.

Brittany, one of ten counselors, remembers in particular the family group she was with and how the older brother treated his three younger sisters with such love.

“He was just so patient and loving and caring,” Brittany said. “You can tell that they just get along very well.” Maris Farms offers so many activities besides picking pumpkins. The kids got to play Gaga Ball (like a much safe form of dodge ball) blow huge bubbles, get involved in pig racing, find their way through a corn maze and, of course, pick out a pumpkin.

“There was just so much to do, we really could not get to all of it,” Brittany said. “The kids (ages 8-18) were attracted to different things and there were activities for all ages.”

One thing they all enjoyed were the funnel cakes and pizza they that were provided.

“This was just another great event,” said Sibling Strong Director Deb Kennedy, who attended. “The kids were so excited to be together. It was wonderful.” She and Brittany shared the same experience of one mom who was so moved by the bonding experience she saw that she was going to call another foster mom who was caring for children who had never even met their siblings to let he know about the power of what she saw. This is exactly why those of us who put on these events work to keep the bond with siblings strong – siblings do have the right to reunite.

Sibling Strong is grateful for the financial support from Milgard to put on these events. We are seeking other sponsors to help give these experiences to brothers and sisters across the state.

If you would like to help or to learn more, click on our web site or check us out on Facebook.

We are already planning for a holiday party in Tacoma and for camp next year, which will be June 27-July 1 at Miracle Ranch in Port Orchard.

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